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What is Usenet:

What is Usenet?
What is Usenet? A second opinion.
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet.

Usenet Software:


Where and how should I post:

How to find the right place to post.
A primer on how to work with the Usenet community.
Hints on writing styles for Usenet.
Rules for posting to Usenet.
Emily Postnews answers you questions on Netiquette.
FAQ on making and using a signature file.

Creating Newsgroups:

How to create a Usenet newsgroup.
Usenet Newsgroup Creation Companion
Emily Postnews answers questions on how to create a new alt group.


General etiquette
General info
OS specific info

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Q:   What is usenet/news?

A: Usenet (or news) is a collection of discussion groups. Usenet started far before the internet came online. In the early days Usenet was distributed using UUCP (Unix to Unix CoPy). Later on it became available with the ARPA protocol which is today better known as Internet. Today there are over 30000 active groups which is good for about 70 Gigabyte or 1.000.000 articles per day. In the first year or so there were only 2 articles/day average.

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Q: What software do I need?

A: In general you need a news-reader. There are a brand of products available and it all depends on personal taste on what you like. We however recommend Outlook Express, Free Agent or X-News for Windows and SLRN or Pine for Unix. All the software should be available at Tucows.
Another news-reader is called News Rover, you can find more info at

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I subscribed, but I can't login

A: Please verify that you've got the right hostname ( EG ) )

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Q:  How do I cancel my account?

A: Go to our Signup page and you will see " Cancel My Membership" and follow the instructions.
It's that easy .

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Q:  Do I have to have a credit card to sign up?

A: No, you can also pay by online check from our Signup page.

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Q:  How will your charge appear on my credit card statement?

A: All our credit card charges are processed by CCBILL  and will appear on your statement as follows: CCBILL,Ltd.

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Q:  Why are there articles missing in the binaries newsgroups?

A: This can happen for several reasons. The most likely is that some of the articles (or parts of articles) were filtered out as spam before they reached our servers. We do not filter any incoming articles on our binaries servers, everything we receive from our upstream is posted. Many news servers limit the maximum article size and if any articles are in excess of that size the server will cancel it automatically and it will not propagate out. Also, all news servers have the right to filter out anything that passes through their server. Keep in mind that usenet was designed to carry only plain text, not large binary files. Processing binary articles places twice as much strain on the server as plain text articles do. For these reasons no guarantee regarding completeness of binary articles is expressed or implied by

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Q:  Some articles that I post from do not seem to propagate to other news servers, why?

A: Another news server may be canceling them . We can take no further responsibility for articles not propagating once they have been sent to our upstream servers. Another reason could be if you have a record of abuse on our servers your posting access may have been disabled. Once your posting access has been disabled due to posting abuse it will never be restored, so don't even ask. Nor will we issue refunds for this reason.

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Q:  My account suddenly stopped working

A: There can be 2 reasons for this. Your account expired. The other reason is that you've probably used our service to send commercial or mass postings. We then disable your account silently in most cases.

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Q:  I need to change the credit card I am using with What do I need to do?

A:Go to our Signup and cancel your current account canceled. Wait until your current subscription period expires and you can no longer login then sign up a new account with the new credit card information.

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Q:   I am getting a "502 Authentication Error." What does this mean?

A: A "502 Authentication Error" means that you may have typed your username and/or password incorrectly.
Another possible cause is inaccurate or outdated credit card information.
User names and passwords are case sensitive!

Q: What is the POP3 and/or SMTP address?

A: does not provide E-Mail account with the usenet services.

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Q:   Where can i find more info on Usenet?

A: Find the Usenet FAQ list at the CS department of the Utrecht University. You can also read about the early days of usenet from the original book: " Netizens : On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet " which is available here.

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Q:  I'm getting an AUTHENTICATION FAILED message

A:   First, check that you entered the correct username and password.  If you forgot your username and/or password, email about your problem and we shall resend your username and password to your registered email.   Unfortunately, we cannot send this info to a different email because there is no way for us to authenticate your request.

If you are sure about your username and password, then the error may be because your account exceeded the allowed number of simultaneous logins.  Also, some Usenet browsers do not disconnect cleanly, in which case you may have to wait a few minutes before your account is cleared.

If you still need help, contact

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Q:  I forgot my password

A:  If you forgot it, please write an email to and we send it to your original email address when you signed up.

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Q:  Whats your spam policy

A:   All incidents must be reported to All reports will be taken in account seriously. In the past our service was known for spamming activities. This has changed now due to the read-pay-write system we have now. Spam is simply not allowed. Crossposts are, but not too many groups. Please take in mind netiquette when posting.

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Q:  How about crossposts

A:   They are allowed but not any more than about 6 or 7 groups at once. It's filtered outside our server anyway so it isn't of use also. Please take notice of netiquette. Any accounts ignoring normal netiquette will be disabled.

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Q:  Is there a download limit?

A: Yes. You are currently limited to a total daily download of 500 MB/day per server. Unless you are just downloading 24 hours a day, you should never be subject to this restriction. If you should reach the limit, just change servers

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Note: If you see others abusing this system please report it to right away.




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